PSL Flood Recovery Needs Your Help!


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With over 140,000 homes damaged across 22 Louisiana parishes, we need the Help and Hope that Presbyterians are well-known for.  With the reputation of being the volunteers who stay until the job is done, many communities across the state are counting on us to respond.  Even if you can't physically swing a hammer, you can get involved and make a difference!  Here's what YOU can do to help:

  1.  Volunteer!  Come for a week or a weekend!  Our Hammond and Lafayette regional Hubs are already up and running, and Baton Rouge will be operational soon.  To schedule a mission trip, call the PDA Call Center today at (866) 732-6121.  To volunteer for a day or weekend, contact Caroline at RHINO (Rebuilding Hope in New Orleans) by calling (504) 897-0101 ext. 111.
  2. Donate!  Like it or not, it takes funding to stay for the long haul, and this recovery is expected to take 2-5 years.  Your donations will allow us to provide meaningful work for our many volunteers and, more importantly, provide the ability to provide unmet needs for those families with the least resources.  To donate, click the Give Now button above or send a check or money order to:  Presbytery of South Louisiana, Attn:  Flood Recovery, 250 S. Foster Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.
  3. Communicate!  One of the greatest needs in this particular recovery is to communicate to our friends around the country that the disaster happened.  With very little media coverage, many are unaware of the desperate need.  Find more information on the 2016 Flood on our PSL Flood Recovery Webpage or view this video:  
  4. Join our AmeriCorps team!  PSL has been awarded 6 AmeriCorps members to serve at our Hammond and Baton Rouge Hubs as Volunteer Coordinators and Site Supervisors.  Members can be any age over 18. Members will begin November 28, 2016 and serve a 10-month term.  AmeriCorps members receive a monthly living stipend as well as a Segal Education Award at the completion of their service year.  For more information or to recommend someone, contact Christina Drake at (225) 685-7708 or
  5. Encourage!  You'd be amazed what a little encouragement can do to keep us going!

Pray-o-gram received from Community Presbyterian Church in Indiana
Pray-o-gram received from Community Presbyterian Church in Indiana

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