MODERATOR OF PRESBYTERY:  The Rev. Randy Richmond     E-mail me

Moderator of Council:  Mrs. Kathy Randall     E-mail me
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Vice-Moderator of Council: The Rev. Ted Roeling     E-mail me

COMMITTEE ON MINISTRY(COM):  Mrs. Donna Stogner    E-mail me
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COMMITTEE ON PREPERATION FOR MINISTRY (CPM):                                      Mr. Jack Bagent, Chair     E-mail me                      Information page

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE:  The Rev. Zach Sasser, Chair     E-mail me

CONGREGATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE:                                                The Rev. John Blewitt, Chair    E-mail me

Disaster Preparedness, Recovery, Response and Resiliency (DPRRR):

FELICIANA MANAGEMENT TEAM(FMT):  The Rev. Hawley Wolfe, Chair E-mail me

FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Mr. Lee Randall, Chair     E-mail me

MISSION COMMITTEE:  The Rev. Dick Krajeski, Chair     E-mail me

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  The Rev. Chan Willis, Chair     E-mail me

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE:  Mr. Dave White, Chair     E-mail me

PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN:  Mrs. Jan Boydstun, Moderator     E-mail me
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COMMITTEE ON REPRESENTATION (COR):  The Rev. Don Thursby, Chair   E-mail me

NEW CHURCH DEVELOPMENT Subcommittee:  The Rev. Jim Rollins, Chair           E-mail me